10 Ways To Make an Impression through Your Communication

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Communication- 10 Ways To Make an Impression through Your Communication

It is said that your first impression lasts long. So it’s important to make a good impression. Let’s talk about 10 ways to make an impression through your communication.

Smile & Radiate Positivity

No one likes to hang around with people filled with negativity about everything. We often like to hang around people with positive vibes.

Being positive around people will make them want to talk to you and stay around you.

Having a smile on your face radiates positivity and breaks the awkwardness bringing in a friendly atmosphere.

Be Charming

Have you ever observed how people who are charming are liked by everyone?

Having a charm always makes a way. If you are enthusiastic and charming, you will bring charm to other people too.

Ps: If you are dull people will be dull, if you are enthusiastic people will be enthusiastic.  

Maintain Eye Contact

What will you think if you come across a person scrolling her/his screen, or looking here and there while talking to you?

You will probably think either you a talking something boring


The person in not interested.

Maintaining eye contact makes the other person feel that you are paying attention to what they say.

You don’t need to constantly stare at the other person, you just need to maintain appropriate eye contact which will showcase that you are attentive.

You may use the triangle rule, looking from one eye to the other and then to the mouth in a while (You need to make sure you are not making the other person awkward).

Being a Listener

No doubt people like to talk about themselves a lot. But a good communicator is the one who listens to people.

Don’t be a bore, ask a question and then listen.

Common Ground

People connect best when they have something in common. It might be a hobby, or a tv show, or anything else.

Find common grounds with others. Hit a conversation on those common grounds.

Do this experiment of talking on common grounds and share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Ask Questions

When you ask questions about certain things, it makes people think are you are genuinely interested in what they are telling.

Ask relevant questions.

Being Attentive

Pay attention to what people are saying to you. if you are attentive they will be attentive too. Show them that you are engaged in the conversation.

Body Language Matters

According to research, 80% of your communication is done by your body language. The way you sit, the way your body acts matters a lot.

Therefore, having an appropriate body language is necessary.

Have open body language. Angle yourselves towards the person, make yourself comfortable accordingly.

If you will seem comfortable, people will automatically reflect being comfortable.

If you are at a formal meeting make sure you sit straight, don’t move your hands or legs a lot and maintain your body posture.

Dressing Sense

The kind of clothes you wear makes a big difference.

What if someone shows up at a casual party wearing night pyjamas?

You will probably think “what a jerk!”, won’t you?

Wear clothes according to the event you are going to attend. If you are attending an interview, wear formals like a suit and tie, well-polished shoes.

If you are going to meet friends, wear casual clothes like a t-shirt.

This showcases your sense of understanding.

Maintain Uniqueness

People connect best when they have something in common. It might be a hobby, or a tv show, or anything else.

Even if you are trying to find common grounds to talk on and put an impression of yourself, nothing else is as attractive as originality and uniqueness.

Have your own unique style that people will remember you for.

People connect best when they have something in common. It might be a hobby, or a tv show, or anything else.

Master Tip

Here’s a master tip for you guys who are trying to make an impression through your communication.


How would it be to talk to Ratan Tata without knowing he’s a businessman?



Yes you got it right.

Knowing about a person beforehand helps you to know their interests, achievements, profession, place where they come from, etc.

It will help identify more common grounds and you could strike more quality and engaging conversations with them.

All the tips we discussed so far will help you make a good impression.

Always remember, making the other person comfortable is important.

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