5 Important Types Of Communication.!!

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“Good Communication is a Bridge between Confusion & Clarity.” — Nat Turner

It is important to have a deep understanding of the communication process as well as communication abilities. It is important for any individual’s or company’s success. We’ll look at a few of the different sorts of communication here.

Communication styles differ from one person to the next. A person may use numerous channels, modes, or methods to communicate a message during the communication process. The communication process, however, is not only dependent on the source creating or relaying information. It also relies on the communication medium used and how the message is received by the recipient.

Different types of communication are: –


When we speak with others, we are engaging in verbal communication. It can be done in person, over the phone, over Skype or Zoom, and so on. Some verbal exchanges are casual, such as conversing with a buddy over coffee or in the office kitchen, while others, such as a scheduled meeting, are more official.

It is not only about the words, regardless of the type; it is also about the quality and complexity of those words, how we link those words together to create an overarching message, and the intonation (pitch, tone, cadence, and so on) utilised while speaking. And, while words are vital when communicating face-to-face, they cannot be isolated from non-verbal communication.


We often say more with our actions than with our words. Facial expressions, posture, eye contact, hand motions, and touch are all examples of nonverbal communication. If you’re having a chat with your supervisor about your cost-cutting plan, for example, it’s critical to pay attention to both their words and non-verbal cues.

Your supervisor may vocally agree with your concept, but their nonverbal clues, such as avoiding eye contact, sighing, and scrunching up their face, imply otherwise.


Whether it’s an email, a memo, a report, a Facebook post, a Tweet, a contract, or anything else, the purpose of any written communication is to communicate information in a clear and succinct manner — though this goal is rarely met. In fact, poor writing abilities can result in confusion, shame, and even legal risk.

One thing to keep in mind regarding written communication, particularly in the digital age, is that the message lives on, possibly indefinitely. Thus, keep two things in mind: first, write well – poorly written sentences and careless typos make you appear unprofessional; and second, make sure the message’s content is something you want to promote or be connected with in the long run.


The act of listening is rarely included among the various forms of communication. Active listening, on the other hand, is possibly one of the most crucial sorts of communication because we can’t properly engage with someone if we can’t listen to them.

Consider a negotiation: one step in the process is to figure out what the other side wants and needs. It is impossible to determine that without listening, making a win-win situation tough to attain.


We live in a visual world. Consider this: televisions are on 24 hours a day, Facebook is visual with memes, videos, and images, Instagram is an image-only platform, and advertisers sell things and ideas through imagery. Consider this from a personal standpoint: the photographs we share on social media are intended to convey meaning — to send a message.

In certain circumstances, the message could be something like, “Look at me, I’m in Italy,” or “I just got an award.” Others are purposefully chosen to make us cry – hurt animals, sobbing toddlers, and so on.

However, I recommend that you consider how you communicate. How do you express yourself verbally? When you’re bored, what nonverbal cues do you use? Excited? Nervous? Are you an attentive listener? Can you write a message that is both concise and well-articulated?

Are there any obstacles in your way of communicating effectively? Therefore, the first step in communicating more successfully is to understand how you communicate. You may simply find communication classes on the internet.


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