Books Recommended For You by Celebrity Trainers

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Books Loved By Our Celebrity Trainers To Help You Succeed

Handpicked by Celebrities Just For You

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1. The Person You Mean To Be: Dolly Chugh guides on how to stand up and stand out.

2. The Art of Gathering: It’s a way to improve your communication skills through real life experiences.

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1. Lighting 101: It is a must read book for all the photography enthusiasts out there.

2. Trick Photography and Special Effects: It is the Best-selling e-book on photography where light is shed on tricks to improve photography and editing.

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1. How to Improve Your Singing Voice: It’s a complete step-by-step guide for beginners willing to improve their singing skills.

2. Bel Canto: Mathilde Marchesi teaches various aspects of singing using her experiences.

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1. All Women Are Beautiful: A perfect beauty and hair guide.

2. Skin Care: A guide to making natural beauty products.

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1. Crepe Cookbook: A collection of simple but amazing cooking recipes

2.Practical Cookery 14th Edition: The best way to understand procedure, skills on cooking.

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1. Acting for Animators: Ed Hooks teaches everything from character analysis to scene structure using classical acting
2. You, the Career: The perfect book for a beginner that inspires and has a lot of useful things to learn from.

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1. Trisha Brown: This book is an experience recitation of a popular choreographer of the long run; Trisha Brown.

2. Dance Anatomy: The book provides hundreds of dance movements, postures, exercises, proper breathing, etc.
If you need to know everything about dance in detail, this is for you.

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1. In the Blink of an Eye: Walter Murch a celebrated film editor describes different aspects of film-making.

2. Rebel Without A Crew: A fun, informative book that can help you hell a lot.

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1. Entrepreneurial Leadership: How to create durable businesses?
Read this book, and get to know about everything.

2. The Lean Start up: Learn new techniques about new methods to making start-ups successful.

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