Can You Become An Actor Without Any Prior Acting Exposure?

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This question sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? If you are looking for a full flown career in the field of acting, you must know that while you don’t necessarily need to have prior experience in this field, you certainly need to have strong passion and interest. There is no sure-shot way in the field of acting that guarantees success. However, you can try many steps successful actors followed in their journey to fame. 

Acting is a highly rewarding career that has unlimited earning possibilities. Once you set your feet in the movie industry, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your dreams. Many aspiring actors with zero experience are confused about how to start their acting career when they don’t have anything on their acting portfolio.

In this article, we will tell you some fascinating ways of making it big in Bollywood without having any experience in the field of acting. 

Here we go! Where to start?

#1. Learn how to act

Even if you think that you are a born actor/actress, I suggest you at least learn the basics of acting before you start. This will not only help you in getting familiar with the technical know-how but also help you make like-minded friends in the initial stages of your career. 

If your budget is tight or you don’t want to spend a fortune on acting courses, you can enroll in Celebrity School’s masterclass acting lessons mentored by the immensely talented Nawazuddin Siddiqui. With his valuable acting tips and techniques, you can master the art of performing in movies and commence your journey of becoming an actor. 

#2. Get to know the film industry

If you are serious about being an actor, then you will have to start making connections in the film industry. It’s not about knowing the big names, someone has to start from somewhere. Making connections in the entertainment industry is crucial. Reach out and expand your social circle on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

 #3. Sign up for talent agencies

Giving auditions in talent agencies and building your actor portfolio is also an important step when trying to get roles in Bollywood. Make sure to have good quality photographs while creating your portfolio. These talent agencies will keep you in the loop for regular small opportunities or TV ads/music album offers that often keep coming into the industry. 

You can also give them your audition tapes or any acting video that you have filmed on your own.

#4. Audition for small roles and ads

When you are starting your acting career, sometimes, you have to start with small roles like that of a supporting actor/actress or even a 5-10 minute role in the whole movie. This kind of exposure is good for you if you don’t belong to the film industry. Who knows that a big director or producer spots you in that role and gets impressed by your on-screen presence. 

In Bollywood, unless you are uncomfortable with doing a certain type of role, don’t say no to any opportunity at the beginning of your career. Remember, many great actors started with small/supporting roles before making it big. Hope and self-belief are two things that will help you climb the ladder of success in the Hindi film industry. 

#5. Learn some special skills apart from Acting

If you are a newcomer with no prior experience, chances are high that additional special skills may give you the edge over your competitor and help land you the desired part. Nowadays, actors are a complete package in themselves.

If you also add a skill or two in your portfolio such as how to ride a horse, or a mountain bike, or even dance, or communicate excellently you might succeed in getting a major role at the beginning of your career. The more such skills you learn, the better your chances of landing a good role. 

The key to succeeding in Bollywood is to keep working hard and never give up. This may sound cliche, but in here, it’s all you need. Keep honing your skills and even if you face rejections, don’t let them bother you at all. 

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