Celebrity Newsletter May 2021

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Celebrity Newsletter May 2021

International Podcasts Handpicked by Celebrities For Your Success 

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1. Communication Junkie: Using humour, research and personal storytelling Prof. Steven Fuller tells you about communicating well.

2. Now we’re Talking: On how to improve communication skills.

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1. Cameras or Whatever: Tyler Stalman (family and commercial portrait photographer) talks with other photographers on various topics.

2. B&H Photography Podcast: The podcast covers all-time favourite photography topics

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1. Singing Simply: The podcast specifies everything related to singing.

2. Freya’s Singing Tips: Train your Voice: Freya Casey a professional singing coach tells everything about being a good singer.

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1. Natch Beaut: It’s a fun podcast by Jackie Johnson where she explores self-care with make-up artists, celebs etc.

2. The Beauty Podcast by Saily Hughes: This podcast provides you with in-depth knowledge of products and procedures.

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1. Doughboys: Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger argue about food and reviews.

2. Spilled Milk: Food related topics covered by Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster Burton.

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1. OFF Camera with Sam Jones: Delivers deep, comfortable conversations with most iconic artists.

2. Inside Acting: A podcast by actors, for actors. Covers everything in the industry by Trevor Algatt and AJ Meijer.

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1. Ballet and Dance Podcast: It translates the written content to audio that provides interviews, reviews, news, etc.

2. Tendus Under A Palm Tree: It gives an inside look in the world of professional dancers especially balley dancers.

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1. The Treatment: From films to TV and everything in between, Elvis Mitchell provides creative, in-depth interview series.

2. The Director’s Cut: How to think as a great director? Well, to get the answer listen to this podcast.

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1. Marketplace: Place to know trends, top businesses, and many more.

2. The Investors Podcast: As the name says it’s all about international investments.

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