Cooking Tips from Masterchef Ranveer Brar

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Food is Love but Cooking is Emotion!

If you love eating as much as I do, then you must have tried your hands at cooking at some point in your life. Even if you haven’t and you want to give it a try, we have got your back. 

This post will take you through some smart and handy cooking tips from none other than the cooking legend himself – Ranveer Brar, the self-made Indian celebrity chef and host of many cooking-shows including Masterchef India.

5 cooking tips from Masterchef Ranveer Brar–How to cook like a pro?

#1. Don’t cram the exact recipe

As per the leading chef, if you want, you can take inspiration from a recipe but don’t copy the same steps while you are cooking. Add your special touch and innovation to make it as per your style. The dishes are always the same and yet they taste different since they are being prepared by different people. 

It’s not what you cook, but it’s how you cook that makes a recipe unique. 

#2. Let the recipe cook on its own heat

This is another cooking recommendation from celebrity chef Ranveer Brar. When we cook something, we often tend to open the lid and keep checking if the dish is ready or not. By doing this your recipe might lose its flavours and aroma. According to him, the food must be cooked naturally.

Even after removing the vessel from the flame, keep it covered for around 5-8 minutes and let it cook and absorb all the flavours in its own heat. That’s the way of adding an extra flavour to your recipe. 

#3. Follow old-fashioned cooking methods 

One secret that chef Ranveer Brar follows in his cooking style is to opt for traditional ways while preparing for a recipe. He prefers using the traditional silbatta (if it’s available) to grind and make paste instead of a mixer grinder. 

Also, it’s important to choose your cooking vessels wisely as it also affects the overall taste of your recipe. Opt for brass/stainless steel utensils while cooking instead of non-stick ones whenever you can.

#4. Keep it simple

The most basic rule of cooking as per chef Ranveer Brar is to keep it simple and don’t overdo it. Use fewer and common ingredients for your home-style cooking, use apt cooking vessels, allow the stuff to cook at its own pace and heat, and use basic seasonings. And most importantly, you should feel good while you are doing all this. After all, food is happiness!

So, next time while you try your hand at cooking, don’t forget to follow these cooking tips to discover that extra taste and aroma in your recipe. 

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