Creative Photography Hacks for Everyone

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“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”
– Ernst Haas

Are you looking for the best creative photography hacks to help you improve your skills? Photography is an ever-changing industry, and it may appear impossible to keep up with all of the latest photography equipment and accessories.

You may be envious of professional photographers who seem to have every camera and lens imaginable. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on new equipment to keep up.

The truth is that many of the most intriguing photography tricks do not necessitate a large investment. You can perform a variety of creative photography hacks using only a smartphone or standard DSLR and a one-of-a-kind photo-shoot setting.

1. Make your own underwater

Want to take underwater photos but don’t want to spend money on expensive underwater housing — or, worse, cheap housing that leaks? Place your smartphone in a clear glass or plastic cup and immerse it in water. For larger cameras, a vase or fish tank can be used. Simply lower the lens beneath the surface of the water and photograph your subject in the pool or bathtub. Take care not to spill the cup!

2. Create bokeh shapes.

“Bokeh” is a Japanese term that refers to the blur in an image’s out-of-focus area. Cut out interesting images, such as tiny circles or stars, from the black poster board. Cover the lens with poster board and try different focal lengths

3. Apply Vaseline

This is a time-honoured trick that still works! Cinematographers used to rub Vaseline on their lens filters to achieve a dreamlike look in the early days of filmmaking. Use this technique to give your subject a soft glow without overdoing the make-up. However, instead of rubbing Vaseline directly on the lens, rub it on a filter or a piece of clear plastic.

4. Make use of a pantyhose or stocking filter.

Do you want to add some colour or diffusion to your images? Slip-on a nylon stocking and place it over the lens. With the help of a rubber band, you can create your own photography DIY lens filter. Use white stockings for a more neutral effect, or experiment with a more colourful option.

5. Create a DIY light box

A lightbox is essential for any product photography that necessitates taking well-lit photos of small objects. A cardboard box and plain white fabric can be used to make your own lightbox. Save 1000 rupees by rigging it yourself with tape and scissors.

 6. Make use of a sandwich bag

Do you want to create a hazy, mystical effect? All you need is a quart-sized plastic bag to get started. To create a DIY haze effect, cover your lens with a plastic sandwich bag.

7. Employ fishing wire

Lens flare can bring a shot of an outdoor landscape to life. To achieve this effect, wrap a thin length of fishing wire across the lens. Only the light bouncing off the wire will be visible in the final image.

 8. Shoot through the wool

Stretch your favourite holiday sweater in front of the lens to create a soft frame around your subject. Simply make sure that their face is in focus and not the wool for the best effect.

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