Dancing Tips for Beginners By Ganesh Acharya

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Dancing Tips for Beginners By Ganesh Acharya

Who doesn’t love swaying to the tunes of their favorite song? Dance has been a form of expression for years now and most people are compelled to tap their feet when they hear cheerful music! However, many of you might be interested in dancing, enough to be taking it up as a hobby or even a profession. 

Have you been wondering where to begin your learning from?

Well, there are several online courses and institutes today that train students in various dance forms, a few of which are run by Bollywood dancers and celebrities. But before that, we have something in store for you.

Ganesh Acharya is one of the most incredible and successful choreographers in Bollywood. He can set the stage on fire with his power-packed dance moves. A lot of hit numbers have been choreographed by him. 

So we decided to ask him for a few dancing tips for dance-enthusiasts like you. Keep on reading to find out, how to bring out the ‘Govinda’ in you!

Begin with freestyle moves

At first, it is not necessary to have the best steps in town but to be comfortable. Stretching before the beginning is always a good idea, to get in the pace for dancing. Freestyle dancing gives you the freedom to experiment and learn on your own. You can begin it by trying to copy steps from music videos of your choices. Dancing in front of a mirror will help you know your mistakes. This will not only help you to warm up but will also let you know your passion well. 

Find out the dance form you are interested in

There are innumerable dance forms available out there. Jazz, Contemporary, Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Ghoomar, Kathakali, Tango, and the list can go on till the end of this page. However, it is your decision to choose the right one for yourself. The one wherein you feel the most liberated and expressive. 

Join a Dance Class/Team

Signing up for a dance class will help you get professional guidance and connect with like-minded people. Once you are trained well enough, you can form dance troops and perform on various occasions or upload on social media platforms.

You can look around for any dance classes near your house or register for online courses as well. In a situation, like the prevailing one, online courses are the safer and better option.
Celebrity school has brought this exclusive dance course by the Master himself- Ganesh Acharya Dance Course. You can access it anytime from the comfort and safety of your home with lifetime access.

Focus on your Facial Expressions

While your steps will speak volumes of your performance, it is the emotions on your face that will add the real essence. For beginners, expressions are a key to ease out the awkwardness associated with dancing. Interacting with your audience by eye movements and lip-syncing along with the rhythms will make your performance a hit for sure. In the case of classical dances like Kathakali, expressions are the heart and soul of the performance. 

Practice Practice Practice!!

Practice makes a man perfect is indeed true for dancing. You must not stop practicing your moves or the dance form even if you have mastered it or you have been performing it for years now. The key to maintaining the poise, the elegance, and the spirit of dancing is constant practice. 

Also, quite a lot of new ideas and steps pop up during practices for most dancers and choreographers. The more you practice, the more you discover.

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