Essential Kitchen Gadgets for Any New Cook

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“Cooking demands attention, patience, and above all, respect for the gifts of the earth. It is a form of worship, a way of giving thanks.” – Judith B. Jones

Smart and simple cooking necessitates the use of the proper tools. Rather than buying everything on the first day, you can gradually accumulate a stock of necessities that will make your life much easier.

Having the most important cooking tools on hand will make your life so much easier. Although the kitchen world is constantly releasing sleek, trendy, and exciting kitchen gadgets, that doesn’t mean you have to buy them all to be able to cook well. In fact, only the most basic tools are required to begin cooking delicious meals. After you’ve spent all of your money on home-cooked meals, you can check out our advanced kitchen tools here.

We created a Kitchen Essentials Checklist to help you decide which tools to start with. This list describes the uses of 20 basic cooking utensils and is ideal for inexperienced cooks or budget-conscious chefs.

You’ll be able to cook almost anything with these items and start kicking butt in the kitchen!


Because eggs and pancakes are best made on a nonstick surface, every household needs a nonstick pan for breakfast duty. It’s also a very versatile pan, capable of searing meats, sautéing vegetables, and making sauces. Just be careful not to scratch the surface with abrasive tools!

This stainless steel frying pan and this aluminium frying pan are two of our favourites. Purchasing a two-piece set allows you to have two sizes on hand and allows you to cook two things at the same time.

2. Saucepan

A saucepan is ideal for cooking with liquids, such as boiling pasta and vegetables or simmering sauces and beans. A 4-quart saucepan is convenient to use whether you’re cooking for one or four people. Try this 3.5-quart nonstick sauce pan or this 4-quart stainless steel one.

3. Knives

You’re going to use a knife when you’re cooking. If you can only afford and store one knife, choose a chef’s knife. 90% of your meal preparation will be done with one knife, so invest in a good one and treat it well. However, we strongly advise acquiring a serrated knife and a paring knife as well because they serve various functions.

Serrated knives enable you slice through tomatoes and bread easily, while paring knives are perfect for smaller, more delicate tasks when a huge knife just isn’t up to the task. (We prefer the Global great, but go ahead and purchase whichever feels comfortable in your hand.)

4. Measuring Spoons

Even if you prefer to “eyeball” the quantities of your ingredients, it’s useful to keep a set of measuring spoons on hand in case you need to make exact measures. They can also be used as tiny scoops to scoop up spices and dried herbs! You won’t ever have to worry about misplacing the tablespoon or losing the teaspoon thanks to this magnetic set, which is small enough to fit into spice jars and sticks together.

5. Measuring Cups

If you bake, measuring cups are a must, but they’re also fantastic for regular cooking. For measuring liquid and tiny amounts of dried ingredients, we prefer to keep a 4-piece set on hand. A 1-quart glass measuring cup is far more practical and effective for measuring liquids, and you can also make sauces and vinaigrettes within, which you can then pour directly into whatever you’re preparing.

6. Peeler 

When assembling your kitchen’s essentials, be sure to have a good, sharp peeler so you can remove vegetable peels, shave cheese, or create veggie ribbons.

7. Whisk

For emulsifying components like vinegar and oils, a whisk works faster and more effectively than forks or chopsticks, while both are useful. A whisk is really helpful because we almost always create vinaigrettes and marinades to season salads and other foods!

8. Cutting board

We appreciate this cutting board since it has exceptional grip and will keep your fingertips safe as you prepare food. To prepare different ingredients and avoid cross-contamination, we advise having several cutting boards, such as this set of plastic cutting boards. Plastic boards may be fully disinfected by running them in the dishwasher.

“No one is born a brilliant cook; one learns by doing,” as the saying goes. Take this as a challenge to improve your cooking skills at home. This year, 2022, learn new recipes, techniques, and abilities. Live a little spicier in the New Year! Enroll now and learn more about the Online cooking Course here.

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