Explore Singing with 7 Podcasts

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Singing - Explore Singing with 7 Podcasts

Everyone likes to sing. In our last blog we explored why is everyone obsessed with singing. This time we will explore singing with 7 podcasts, which will help you improve your singing skills.

Singing- Explore Singing with 7 Podcasts

Explore Singing with 7 Podcasts

If you are an Indian and are looking for Indian as well as international singing podcasts you are on the right blog.

Podcasts are extremely helpful to improve skills. They feature successful artists, you get to listen to their experiences right in your ear!

Podcasts provide you an opportunity to hear what the bests say. So here we are, presenting you 7 best Singing Podcasts that will definitely help you.

Star Singer; Voice Lessons, Singing Lessons and Tips About Singing.

If you want to improve your performances Tiffany VanBoxtel helps you out with tips, trainings and guest experts through this podcast.

All Things Vocal Podcast

Vocal coach Judy Rodman shares techniques for singing for singers, vocal coaches, speakers and studio producers.

The podcast helps you to improve your skills.

Singing Simply

“Singing is easy” the writer Ivan Lu says.

Ivan Lu has simplified singing techniques into smaller and simpler segments and shares them through the podcast.

Freya’s Singing Tips

Freya Casey a performer and a professional voice coach helps you to explore more about your voice.

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Rock Your Voice

Industry guidance, vocal training to transform your voice, inspiring interviews and what not?

Emily Perry talks about it all in the podcast.

Maed in India

Maed in India is India’s first Indie music podcast that features the best Indian musicians in India and abroad. The podcast interviews different musicians/bands.

It has become the destination of new music.

The Honest Vocal Coach

Georgina Hill Brown with her teaching experience of 17 years teaches through her studio, also using skype!

The podcast will definitely help you develop your skills.

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