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Acting is magical. Change your look and your attitude, and you can be anyone! — Alicia Witt

Acting is one of the most difficult skills to master. One reason for this is because the road to become a great actor is not always straightforward. Taking online acting lessons, where you can study and practice your technique with instructors, at your own space is one of the finest ways to learn how to act. However, it is not always clear what you can do outside of school to improve your acting skills. Here are five simple strategies to improve your acting skills on your own.

1. Learn from Books

Acting books can be found at almost any bookstore or library. If you’re just starting out as an actor, it can be difficult to know which books to read. However, there are a number of books written by legendary actors and directors that are particularly useful to read. You can discover about the author’s credentials and how their ideas have affected acting, theatre, and film today by reading the author’s short bio.

2. Read Plays and Monologues

It is critical to always read scripts. By reading scripts, you are constantly learning how to understand the characters. The more you read scripts your ability to analyze the material will become stronger. You can also improve your acting skills by reading scripts and asking yourself questions about the characters’ lives, which you can then answer using the information provided in the script. Reading monologues and performing them with different intentions and feelings each time is another great tool

By watching or hearing yourself perform, you will learn a lot about how you perform. Both video and audio recordings are useful because they allow you to analyze your voice, diction, and movements. Seeing yourself perform is important because it is the only way to analyze your own performance based on your criteria and goals.

4. Practice Cold Readings

Find a monologue from a play that you are only vaguely familiar with and perform it to the best of your ability. Know enough about the play and the scene to understand the situation, but don’t study the monologue, play, or scene. You can work on improving your ability to perform a piece of material with which you are unfamiliar. This will be useful for last-minute auditions or other situations where you may be required to perform a monologue you are unfamiliar with.

5. Use Your Imagination

Use your imagination to visualize the setting of a scene in particular. Make a blueprint of a stage or whatever space you’re in and use what you have to make your space match your vision of the scene’s setting. Act and move around the space with your imagination to envision yourself in the scene’s setting. You are learning how to act as a character in that space by doing this.

You will become a better actor if you follow these tips, regardless of whether you are currently enrolled in classes, working as an actor, or starting out on your own. All you need to improve your craft with these tips is some free time and imagination!

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