How Bollywood Got Casting Couches All Wrong?

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The glamour industry of India, with celebrities and stars, is more often referred to as not being as glamorous as it seems to be. Everything has pros and cons and so does Bollywood!

Nepotism being the all-time hot topic for discussion about the unfairness in the industry there are furthermore dark things that are now being highlighted. One of the dark sides of the industry is Casting Couches. 

Some of you might know what Casting Couches are, and some may not. Let us first know what Casting Couch means.

The practice of taking sexual favours from young, aspiring and struggling actors in return for a film casting is what a Casting Couch refers to.

Ever since celebrities started opening up about casting couches it has got some serious attention.

Many popular celebs like Ranveer Singh, Ayushman Khurana, Kalki Koechlin, Kangana Ranaut and many more have stated that they got offers demanding sexual favours in return for a role, or a big break in the Bollywood industry.

What do Stars say about Casting Couches?

There are always privileges for star kids to get a way in the industry. They don’t face such sexual assaults.

Whereas in an industry where Nepotism is deeply rooted it’s often hard for newcomers to establish themselves, leading to many established directors taking advantage of the situation.

Ranveer Singh: “I was in complete shock. He said we won’t do anything just let me touch it”

“I was a TV anchor so a casting director directly told me I have to do it, yes the casting couch exists”                                                          : Ayushman Khurana

Kalki Koelchin: “I must say of course it exists, it did try and entangle me in its grip but I always managed to slip”

Not just these three, there are lots of such examples in the industry.

Tisca Chopra, Kangana Ranaut(blamed Aditya Pancholi),

Preeti Jain (the famous Madhur Bhandarkar case),

Mamta Kulkarni (blamed Rajkumar Santoshi),

Swara Bhaskar, Payal Rohtagi(blamed Dibakar Banerjee),

Chitrangada Singh, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, Sherlyn Chopra and many many more.

Is Casting Couch an Open Norm in Bollywood?

Many actors claim that it is an open norm in Bollywood. They often heard people saying “If you want to be a success, you must do…”

Although many actors faced the Casting Couch, they always suggest leaving the role than leaving your dignity. You have to find ways to fight against these inhuman practices in the industry. 

Nevertheless, talent will always shine bright in the sky.

Young actors and actresses are suggested to never agreeing to such offers because a good actor will always remain a good actor, and a bad will remain bad. After all, it’s the audience who decides not the Casting Couches. 

 Eliminating Casting Couches

After the issue about Casting Couches got limelight many support campaigns such as the #MeToo campaign started taking place against sexual harassments in the industry.

Actors are now vocal about the issues, and both the audience and the actors in the industry stand up against these practices, for the victims.

This kind of mentality needs to be ripped off. No actor should face mental and sexual harassments while making their way to their dream career. 

What do you think about Casting Couches?

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