How Do You Make Your Makeup Look Good In The Summer?

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“Highlight so bright you need sunnies on just to look at me.”

Summer brings with it a lot of humidity and heat. Melting Foundation, sticky skin, and sweat trickling down your face are all common side effects of hot weather. It’s time to ditch your regular makeup routine and experiment with new summer makeup looks. Here are six makeup tips for the summer heat that will keep your makeup looking fresh and glowy all day!

1. Do not skip the primer.

Because of the humidity, your pores go into overdrive and produce more sweat and sebum. This frequently results in your summer makeup slipping off your face. The best way to avoid this is to properly prime your face. Apply primer to your t-zone before beginning your face makeup.

A mattifying primer will help to decrease shine, even out your complexion, and fill in your pores. It will also help the foundation adhere to your skin more effectively and last longer.

2. Use a powder to set it.

It’s critical to set your summer makeup look so that it lasts the entire day. Using a loose powder to set your summer makeup is the easiest method to keep it in place. Place the loose powder on the areas of your face that crease the most after applying your foundation and concealer. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before dusting it.

Baking is a technique that helps to keep your base makeup in place for longer. Keep a compact powder on hand if you have a long day ahead of you. This will allow you to touch upon the fly while still maintaining the integrity of your foundation makeup. Use a powder highlighter to draw attention to the high points of your face. This will help you restore your skin’s radiance.

3. Do not use foundation.

The mix of scorching heat and oppressive humidity isn’t a good one. In this case, less is always more when it comes to summer makeup. A natural summer makeup look, especially for the daytime, will give you a dewy appearance while yet looking glamorous. If you’re not a fan of foundation, avoid it for your base makeup. Instead, use your concealer to brighten your face and level out your complexion.

4. Apply blush on your cheeks.

Summer makeup trends are all about bright colours and a flushed appearance. Don’t forget to apply blush to your cheeks while applying your face makeup. Applying blush to your face will brighten your appearance while also providing your skin colour and liveliness.

If you don’t have any blush on you when you’re out and about, you can just use lipstick! Warm-up some creamy lipstick between your fingers. Apply it to your face and make sure it’s properly blended. This will give your skin a healthy flush of colour.

5. Mascara that is waterproof

When it comes to summer eye makeup, it’s best to keep things simple. Apply a single metallic makeup colour across your lids and fill in your brows. This will bring your look together and help your summer eyeshadow pop. When it comes to summer eye makeup, the most vital step is to coat your lashes in mascara.

Your eyelashes will seem charmingly fluttery and feathery with the help of mascara. Remember to use waterproof mascara if you’re heading to the pool or going for a swim at the beach. This will assist your mascara stay in place and prevent you from looking like a panda.

6. Use a lip tint

Lip tints are the best approach to finish your appearance if your summer makeup goal is to keep it simple but fresh. A lip tint will give your lips a lovely flush of natural colour. It’ll assist you in achieving the stained lip effect. We’ll show you how to make your own lip tint if you don’t already have one. Put some lip balm on a mixing dish and mix it up.

Mix in a pinch of powder blush to complete the look. This will give you a lovely hue! You can also use your lip liner or creamy lipstick instead of blush if you don’t have any. Make sure it’s fully combined before dabbing it on your lips.

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