How Photography Added Colours To Life?

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Photography- How Photography Added Colours To Life?

Nowadays, we often click pictures in a second to capture the moment, to preserve our memories. Thing’s were not as simple as that before. Ever wondered, how photography added colours to life?

Before the invention of camera, there were painters who used to paint portraits of people. It was hard to capture all the memories on a canvas. The procedure was complex plus time-consuming.

The invention of cameras has revolutionized our life. The first camera ‘Kodak’ was out for sale in 1888. That’s when we got the superpower to capturing moments quickly than before.

Photography- How Photography Added Colours To Life?

It captured black and white images. It was a big, box-sized camera.

Eventually photography revolutionized too. In 1907, first successful polaroid camera changed the entire picture of photography.

At present we have high-quality cameras that can capture enormous high definition images. We have a good quality camera on our mobile phones too!

Photography- a part of our life

The revolution in photography has added colours in our life for true sense. It has become a part of our life that is inseparable. How would our lives be without photography? Hard to imagine isn’t it?

It’s always fun to watch old albums to revive our old memories. Nowadays everything goes on Instagram posts. We click pictures not only of ourselves but also of food, nature, animals, etc.

Photography insanely has become a vital part of our lives. Also, due to the availability of camera in mobile phones there’s no restriction on who can capture.

We can now capture valuable moments of our life and cherish them forever, it may be your baby walking for the first time, first medal achieved in school, first dance on stage, first group photo, and many many more memories.

And you know what, mobile photography has broadened the circle even more!

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Photography As A Career

Over the years photography has evolved as a career option. Photography is an interesting profession which also provides a good income. There are various genres in photography to pursue a career in. Some of them are listed below:

Event Photography : From corporate events to concerts, every event needs a photographer.

Wedding Photography: Although weddings are an event, they bring a whole package with them. There are pre-wedding shoots, wedding shoots, engagement shoots. It’s a whole independent genre.

Product Photography: For launching and advertising any product it’s necessary to have a picture of the product. Product photography provides a great scope.

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Portrait Photography: It’s the most common genre of photography and a great way to start a career as a photographer. It includes school photos, office meetings, family photos, and many more.

Fashion Photography: One of the most vastly growing field. Fashion photography is a whole world in itself. As the name says, its all about fashion, models, actors, etc.

Fine Art Photography: If you are creative with your photographs and can be appealing to people through it.

And many more.

Photography provides passion, peace, art, career, basically everything for aspirants. Photography has become an inseparable part of our lives just as mobile phones!

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