How to ace Fashion Photography?

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How to ace Fashion Photography_

Fashion Photography is one of the most sought-after niches opted by a professional photographer. The world of fashion is ever-changing and is a diverse field. It is all about how creative you can get! There are many types of fashion photography that you can try your hand at. Street Fashion Photography, Catalog Fashion Photography, or Runway Fashion Photography- this list can go on to innumerable dimensions of Fashion Photography. However, each type has its unique approach and requires distinct skill sets. 

A lot goes into bringing out the dead-drop gorgeous pictures published in portfolios and magazines. We have some must-knows about acing the Art of Fashion Photography. Hope it helps you conquer the beauty of Fashion.

Choosing the right camera

Choosing the right tool for a job is the foremost step. There can be hundreds of different factors that can affect the quality of your photographs, however, the camera you use plays a major role above all. Selecting the right camera also involves considering the aspects like lens compatibility, speed, resolution, price, and how handy is it. There is an infinite number of cameras present in the market and doing your research will help you choose the one best for you. In our opinion, some of the best cameras to produce stellar results at Fashion Photography could be: 

  1. Nikon D850
  2. Nikon Z6
  3. Sony Alpha a7R III
  4. Canon EOS D5 Mark IV
  5. Fujifilm X-T30

The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is a photography rule that enhances the pictures and makes them more aesthetically appealing. Symmetry is an essential element of Fashion photography and gridlines ease the process of achieving it. A grid of 3×3 squares is most popularly used wherein the models are photographed in such a way that they appear either in the middle square or at any one of the intersection points. The balance in the picture makes it look flawless as ever!

However, rules are meant to be broken, and once in a while, clicking an asymmetrical picture is what the fresh content looks like.

Lighting Equipments & Reflectors

Although natural light is the preferred light source, however, all the photoshoots are not done at outdoor locations. Hence, extensive alternative lighting is required.

One of the basic types is background lighting which comes from behind the subject and illuminates its surroundings to highlight the subject against the backdrop. Reflectors are used to produce bounce lights that resemble the real-life phenomenon of reflection.

Monolights and light modifiers are the two most recommended pieces of equipment in the world of Fashion Photography. The colors of the model’s outfit and the background also determine the kind of light set-up needed to carry out the photoshoot.

Thousands of other equipment are available in the market which may be used according to the requirement. Thus, it is quite important to study the assignment well before investing in the lighting gears.

Keep Looking for Inspiration

Brainstorming over the poses, the setting, and the lightings are a part and parcel of the photography assignments. You are expected to come up with new ideas every day in this dynamic world of Fashion. Keep trying new angles, camera settings, resolutions, and perspectives. There is scope for endless innovation.
You can always look for inspiration from the work of famous photographers like Daboo Ratnani, who are well known for their impeccable style and spectacular captures. Being a professional photographer himself, Daboo Ratnani has had years of experience working with stunning models and celebrities. You can join his exclusive Photography Course offered by Celebrity School to access some golden advice from the master himself!

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