5 Ways to Learn and Build Career in Dancing

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Life’s a dance you learn as you go, Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow” –  John Michael Montgomery

The world of dance is an ephemeral one. A career as a full-time dancer can be elusive, difficult to maintain, and fleeting. Whether you’re taking beginner dancing lessons or you’re an avid ballroom dancer, dancing is an amazing activity anyone can enjoy no matter their age, size, or gender. However, there are numerous options for extending a career in dance and remaining active in your field, as well as transitioning to something completely different. Learn to dance from the comfort of your own home and open up new career opportunities. Consider the following suggestions for your career options: –

1. Become a Dance Teacher

This is one of the most common career paths for dancers. With the proper qualifications, you can teach at a studio, in a public school system, or in a college dance program with a Master’s degree.

Being a dance teacher allows you to stay physically active while also sharing your knowledge with others. You can also stay creative by choreographing routines for class and performances on a regular basis. It is beneficial to know which age group you wish to teach, as some will necessitate additional training or a college degree

This is a fantastic option for extending the life of a dance career. The field of dance as we know it today would not exist without dance teachers!

2. Choreograph

Look for grant programs in your area to help fund your project. Contact local theatre groups to see if they want to hire a choreographer for one of their plays or musicals. Look for large-scale entertainment companies that might require a choreographer for corporate or commercial work. Create your own dance company and chart a new, creative course for beginners.

3. Work in Arts Administration for a Dance Company or Theatre

Your dance experience will have given you a thorough understanding of the arts in general, and transitioning to a desk job is a good option to stay involved in the field if you want a less physically active career.

This is an excellent position for those who can organize budgetary finances, schedule meetings, rehearsals, or shows, organize fundraisers, and provide support to the artistic director and the company’s overall vision.

4. Become a Yoga or Pilates Instructor

Yoga and Pilates are not only excellent conditioning supplements for dancers, but they also make excellent second careers and extra income for full-time dancers.

The language of dance permeates all of these fields. When teaching these mind-body techniques, the breadth of kinesthetic knowledge from dance training translates effectively.

There are several types of trainings available to teach in either field, ranging from 200-500 hour yoga teacher training to full Pilate’s apparatus training. Most gyms and studios will require this extensive training before allowing you to teach.

You can also teach private lessons or at corporate offices in addition to teaching at such facilities. These are excellent career options for dancers who want to either continue dancing or transition into a field that is gentler on their bodies while still allowing them to be physically active.

5. Marketing for Dancers

Working in arts administration for a company may be closely related to this field, or you could become a full-fledged graphic designer.

Work in this field could include creating and maintaining web pages, designing flyers and other promotional materials, promoting events through social media, and other duties. Graphic design work may necessitate additional training, which you could obtain through online courses, community classes, or by attending college for a degree.

6. Become a Physical Therapist or Dance Medicine Specialist

As dancers, we are intimately familiar with our bodies. If you’ve had extensive training, such as a college degree programme, you probably know a lot about anatomy and kinesiology. Injuries in dance are unfortunately common, and you may have suffered one yourself and had to undergo physical therapy.

Even if you’re just curious, this can be a great and lucrative field for a dancer to enter. As a physical therapist or medical doctor, your ability to relate to a dancer and understand the dancer’s body will give you an advantage that is difficult to match.

These are just a few suggestions for how you can either further your dance career or transition into a new field. When looking for new jobs, keep in mind all of the benefits that dance has given you, such as discipline, punctuality, dedication, creativity, kinesthetic awareness, and more.

Know that your drive to succeed does not have to stop with dance; you can use these many wonderful qualities to open new doors, build new bridges, and live a successful and happy life regardless of what you do.

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