Is Looking Good Really Important?

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Makeup- Is Looki Important?ng Good Really

When you look good you feel good, and vice versa. Although inner beauty matters, is looking good really important?

Have you ever heard, “Your First Impression is Your Last Impression” Well you have only 3-7 seconds to make an impression on someone and that will last long.

Is Looking Good Really Important?

Humans are always attracted towards things/people that are attractive in appearance. Now what exactly does looking good mean?

How can we define looking good? And hundreds of questions like this always wander in our thoughts. Why not answer them now!

It is a fact that people are drawn towards good looking people. But does having a beautiful face brings it all?

The answer would be a No. 

You may look good and attract people even if you are not born super-beautiful. Looking good doesn’t necessarily mean to fit in the #goodlooking defined by the society.


Imagine a person walking in a room with polished shoes, ironed clothes, good smell, hair set neatly and a charming smile. Doesn’t it sound refreshing?

Now this is what looking good means. When you look neat and tidy from hair to toe people start admiring you. This sends out the impression of a well-managed person.

On the contrary, if you look untidy and messy, people would not believe in your words as much as they would if you look good.


When you look good, people admire you and when they admire you, you start feeling confident. A confident person always attracts the crowd. Looking good gives you enormous confidence.

When you look good you feel good from within, and when you feel good that energy reflects in the entire space around you. People start to believe in you, they would always want to be around you.

Even if you wear simple and casual clothes but maintain their cleanliness, your smell, your freshness, your hair, it would still attract people around you.

No matter in which profession you are, looking good always makes a difference. Looking good also enhances your personality. It adds up to your aura.

Looking good is not just important in professional life but in personal life too. Your partner, your friends, your family, will always be closer to you if you look good.

Plus looking good as a public impact too. You get recognised faster if you look good. Many successful musicians, chefs, bloggers, politicians, etc. are recognised for their good looks.


Just like you feel relieved when you listen to a soothing music, similarly if you see something attractive your mind is relieved.

A chemical named dopamine that is responsible for feeling good is secreted when you sight attractive visuals. Where would you stay longer, in an unclean room, or a tidy and clean room?

Of course in the later one. Just like that people would stick by your side if your presence is refreshing.

Looking good is beneficial in many ways as described above. It increases the chances of people to rely on you, to like you, to be with you.

Who doesn’t like to be observed?

Who doesn’t like to be admired?

Who doesn’t like to be loved?

Everyone does!

Along with the inner glow, you should also pay attention to your physical appearance.

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