Photography Tips for Beginners

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Photography is perceived as a way of telling stories that are too beautiful to be defined in words! Most people develop an interest in photography at some point in their lives. It is a fascinating hobby that provides a new perspective to look at the things around you. The angles, light sources, settings, frames, and objects- all of them bring in a new viewpoint.

While most of you might do it just as a hobby, there are hundreds of people who turned their passion into a profession. Being a professional photographer lets you show your audience the world through your eyes. You can always begin small and keep exploring further to find out your photography niche.

Today, we are going to share some mind-boggling photography tips with you, so that you can take your first step towards being an ace photographer:   

  1. Start by capturing anything that you love. It could be nature, pets, people, or even the sky! Being around something you love will push you to do even better and would be a great source for practice.
  2. Expose your camera, focus first and then capture. While shooting human portraits, the focus should be on the eyes.
  3. While photographing during the night or at locations with less light, the use of in-built flash does not yield promising results. Using an external flash not only provides better light conditions but will also give you the freedom to decide the direction of light.
  4. Be ever ready with your camera and look for symmetry. It has been proven that symmetrical pictures are more appealing than the ones that lack them.
  5. Use simple backgrounds- The focus of the picture must be on the main object of the picture. Neutral colors and plain backgrounds work the best.
  6. For mobile photography, using HDR mode will give you detailed and evenly lit pictures. Switch on the grid from settings to ensure the proper ratio and placement of your main subject.
  7. Use the ‘Rule Of Thirds’- Imagine 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines intersecting each other forming a grid. (This can be achieved by enabling the ‘Grid’ option if available in the device). Placing the subject in the middle square is considered a good choice. However, the most aesthetically pleasing photographs are often the ones where the subject is placed at one of the four intersecting points.
  8. The best pictures are usually the ones clicked with natural lighting. Make the best use of the ‘Golden Hour’, while out on a Photography expedition! Golden Hour is the magical time window just before sunset or just after sunrise, which can do wonders for the texture and contrast of your pictures.
  9. Buying a small tripod will always be counted as a good investment. It lets you mount the camera/mobile and capture pictures from a proper level, with added stability.
  10. Commit a lot of mistakes and learn something new from each one of them. Failures are indeed the building blocks of success.

When your basics are cleared, you can always opt for a professional course.
However, professional photography courses could burn a hole in your pockets especially after investing a huge sum of money into buying photography gear. In such a situation, opting for an Online Photography Course from masters of photography like Daboo Ratnani can be a great alternative.

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