Secret To Success – Favouritism?

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Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar

Favouritism = Nepotism”

It is no secret that people with zero talent and a connective family can glide their way through Bollywood easily and call it a career. But sadly, it is just not limited to this industry, we just don’t call it out often. The term we are talking about is “NEPOTISM”.

Practice among those with power and influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them career advances. Every industry runs on similar grounds. Take the example of Sonam Kapoor, daughter of the legendary superstar Anil Kapoor.

Her career has been a talk of the town more often than Bollywood wives switching business options. Some call her Fashion Icon other call her a Flop Actress.

Her debut film was “Sawariya” directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, after that, she did a total of 23 movies out of which 5 went considerably well. With the same analysis, we can definitely conclude she is not an “ACTOR”. Sadly, there are thousands of outsiders and hundreds of them who would have done a better job, but unfortunately, these women are not Kapoor’s or Bhatt’s to make it big in the industry.

I do not oppose Nepotism…

I do not oppose nepotism if people have the privilege to softer paths of life they should take it, but one should understand where they belong?if they have earned the treatment they are getting?

Or they are living on the edge of their parent’s shadow and snatching a well-deserved person’s bread butter? Well, it is easy to make dirty money by living in the shadows and not introspecting the same about ourselves.

God Of Cricket….

Not so surprisingly, such cases of nepotism are not only in this industry but everywhere, one place I personally feel should be taken seriously is sports- India being so culturally diverse and so stuck upon religions units in one holy place which is called the game of “CRICKET”

The God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar Sir definitely is a Wonder our country to the history of Cricket, but we cannot say the same about his son Arjun Tendulkar, I am definitely not saying he might not be as good as his father but he definitely had his path laid off easy –

A platform like this should not be plagued with nepotism, as the one’s with similar or better talent need a chance. All of them are going to represent the same country and make us proud altogether.

I would end with the fact that your name or background should not be the criteria for your success but your talent does. The bigger labels have made it very personal and VIP. We together have to break the barriers as success doesn’t belong in blood or name but in talent.

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