7 Myths About Women’s Fitness

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“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” -Buddha

There are no workouts for either gender. The concept of separate workouts for men and women is not supported by science. However, most women avoid weight training exercises because they believe it is hazardous or will make them bulky. They also miss out on the various fantastic health benefits that strength training routines provide. We attempted to debunk five prevalent weightlifting myths and explain why you no longer need to be concerned about them.

Myth 1: It can cause you to gain weight.

Women have a more difficult time building muscle than men because of insufficient testosterone, a key sex hormone in males that is also responsible for muscle growth. A moderate amount of strength training, done 2-3 times per week, will not make you bulky or manly.

Myth 2: It is hazardous.

Strength training can only lead to injury if your form is poor or you lift more weight than you are capable of. Gender has nothing to do with it. Lifting weights can cause muscle strain and fractures in males as well as women. Strength training can help lower the incidence of osteoporosis, a prevalent bone-related condition in older women. People overlook this as a result of misconception, but there are small things you can do every day to improve your health and fitness.

Myth 3: You’ll need to eat a lot of protein.

Protein is one of the three necessary macronutrients for weight loss and muscle building. When strength training, though, you do not need to consume a lot of protein. Simply eat a well-balanced diet that includes a variety of nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, and fibre. When choosing strength training routines, it is not necessary to go overboard on protein.

Myth 4: You must spend hours in the gym to get results.

You do not need to spend long hours at the gym to see results; instead, you must challenge your body. The issue is that most women only lift light weights because they believe that lifting heavier weights will make them appear more manly. That is why they are not seeing any results. To notice any beneficial results, you must challenge your body and experiment with your routine.

Myth 5: Women should only lift low weights to get in shape

It is essential to start out light, but as time goes on, you need to add more weight. Progress will be stopped by exercising with the same weight. Although you can gain lean muscle mass and burn fat, you will eventually cease noticing progress. Additionally, weightlifting does not allow you to target fat loss in any one location.

Myth 6: Cardio is the best method to lose weight 

“I’ve observed, at least for most women, the solution to their weight concerns is jogging or some sort of cardio, without actually examining if just cardio is helping them in any way.

A good workout schedule should include two days of steady-state cardio, two days of weight training, and two days of yoga or Pilates. You must shock your body and integrate a range of routines. When your body becomes accustomed to one sort of exercise, it is as good as doing nothing—you will simply not notice any improvements.

Myth 7: Carbohydrates are the enemy, and too much protein is bad.

Carbohydrates are not the enemy. Carbohydrates of the appropriate kind—fruits, vegetables, millets, and all the beautiful fresh local produce we have in our country—are crucial because they provide your body with the right amount of glucose. There’s no reason to be afraid of carbs unless you’re bingeing on pizza and the like.

Any excess can be detrimental, but Dalmia claims that women almost invariably fall short of their daily protein requirements. “One gramme of protein is required for every kilogramme of body weight.” So, on average, we need to ingest 50 to 60 grammes of fibre each day, which is tough to attain if you are not attentive to your food.

It’s quite fine to rely on a protein drink to make up the difference, especially on training days when you need a bit extra. It will not hurt you in any manner. In fact, it will aid in muscle growth as well as post-workout pain and rehabilitation.

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