What the world would be like if acting didn’t exist?

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Acting - Remedies to improve your acting

We often watch different movies, different plays, participate in some skits. There is a whole big industry that runs on the foundation of acting. 

Did you ever wonder what the world would be like if acting didn’t exist?

Acting - Remedies to improve your acting

What the world would be like if acting didn’t exist?

Acting is not a mere occupation that doesn’t reflect values and principles in our life.

The acting industry has served in inspiring us. 

Movies like Forest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, Thappad, Super 30, Neerja, Pink, and many more have inspired many lives.

Acting is Not just Entertainment

Acting is not just for entertainment, but it’s a way to inculcate principles through an engaging medium of communication.

Although reading is an extremely good habit, it is not everyone’s piece of cake. Acting bridged the gap to provide knowledge even to the non-readers.

There are a lot of movies and plays made on the life of great people who contributed to make this world a better place. 

Movies like this showcase us how these people struggled, how their life was and create their whole life in front of our senses. 

Beauty of Acting

Some scenes make you freak out, some scenes inspire you, some scenes bring goosebumps to you.

There are times when you start feeling the character when you start believing in the character when you start experiencing the character in your mind.

Acting makes it real.

It stimulates our senses and has the potential to take us into a whole different world.

Movies and series like Harry Potter, Interstellar, Avengers, Upload, Parched, Asur, Sacred Games take us into a completely different world, different life, different space!

Social Impact

Movies and series like Thappad, Dangal, Lagaan, Kahaani, 3 Idiots, Taare Zameen Par, Kota Factory, Border, Special Ops, Man’s World, created a sense of awareness, highlighted the problems that exist in our society, portrayed the challenges, created a sense of social belonging within thousands of people.

Preserving our Culture

Plays and movies have been an inseparable part of our lives for ages. They are the ones who preserve our culture for future generations.

We don’t have recordings of how early man lived, or even how people of the medieval era lived, how they used to talk to each other, what was it like back then.

But, acting and the ability to record it has endowed us to preserve our lifestyle for future generations.

The earliest motion-picture film was released in 1888. And we could see how the world evolved. It’s always a pleasure to look back in history.

Historical plays and movies take us back to the time. 


Some advertisements are run to highlight a social cause, it may be for vaccination, for new schemes declared by the government, in short to aware people about certain things.

Advertisements, theatre, movies, street plays, all involve acting.


  • The industry generates a total of INR 271k crore.
  • Generates employment of 23.6 lakhs. 

The film & theatre industry in India contributes a major part to the Indian economy.

There are thousands of people building career in the art of acting.

Acting contributes its part in every possible zone. 

It’s pretty difficult to think about how the world would have been without such a vital sector.

What the world would be like if acting didn’t exist?

Maybe, we could’ve found some alternative to it, some other way to contribute to everything that it does now!

What do you think about it?

Tell us in the comments below.

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