Why Dancing is the Best thing?

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Dance- Why is dancing the best thing?

Everyone likes to dance. When you dance it doesn’t really matter whether you are a professional or not. Let’s now discuss why dancing is the best thing! 

Dance- Why is dancing the best thing?

Why Dancing is the Best thing?

Whether you are dancing on stage or in a marriage, in a disco or on street at Ganesh Visarjan, alone in your room or with friends, it makes you feel good.

Dancing is a fun activity that gives you pleasure and happiness. It teaches you qualities like patience, struggle, teamwork, and many more.


To learn every step and to master it you always need to be patient. Dancing teaches you to be patient not just while learning steps but also in real life.


The best thing in group dancing is coordination. Alas! It is a wonderful sight to see a team that is well coordinated. Dancing teaches you how to work in a team.


If you are a dancer you can associate with this. Dancing teaches you discipline. Not just while dancing, but you need to have a proper diet, proper exercise, proper sleep before you make that one dance on stage.


Dancing is something that associates you with yourself even more. The confidence you gain is for life when you do that step correctly, when you do that part amazingly.

This confidence that you get from rehearsals stays forever!


No matter how mastered you are at a certain style or step, there will always be someone who would do it differently, who would do it better.

This is the one thing that always crashes down your ego and keeps you grounded.


People often say “Dancing is my passion”.

What does passion mean?

Passion is someone’s strong love and desire for a particular thing. When you start dancing you start loving it, and then you start loving it even more, that’s when passion arouses in you.

Dancing teaches you how to be passionate. Passionate about the things you love.


Do you ever wonder why many people love dancing?

Many people love it because it’s a fun activity. It feels good when you dance, it teaches you a lot and at the same time its fun to learn a lot.

Dancing is fun, dancing is cool, dancing is erotic. If you are aspiring to be a professional dancer check our course by the popular Ganesh Acharya.

Why do you think dancing is best for you? Tell us in the comments below.

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