Why Few People Opt for Business as Career?

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Business- Why Few People Opt for Business as Career?

Although businesses comprises of a major part of the Indian economy, there are very few people who opt for business as a career option.

Now, the reason behind lesser no. of people opting for business is we were never told the pros of having a business. We were always taught to get a government job and ensure secure and comfortable life.

Why Few People Opt for Business as Career?

Starting a business brings uncertainty in many ways. No one likes uncertainties, it may be with relationships, family, work and especially finances.


risk hai to ishq hai” 

the famous dialogue from a popular web series Scam 1992. Businesses unlike jobs always face the risk to fail. You can get another job if you lose one, but building a new business is risky.


Businesses are uncertain, some might boost within months, while others may take years for the same. People like certainty. 

A major section wants a certain 9-5 job, with a certain salary and do not want to face financial uncertainties.


If your venture is a success you will be the face and can enjoy the stardom. But what if it fails? A founder is responsible for whatever happens to the business.

The thought of failing to take responsibility for business failure scares many. 


Businesses require finances, due to inadequate availability of money many aspirants skip the thought of getting into the business.

Even if there are enough funds, many hesitate to invest in a business due to the risks of losing it all.


When a child first starts to walk, he falls, gets up and tries again until he finally starts walking. Do you know what made it possible for the child to walk?

Because everyone around him motivated him, cheered him, supported him during the downfall. That’s what drove the child to achieve what he dreamt of, and you can see the result. 

But when you grow older, often people leave you in your downfall, they demotivate you from doing something new, they fill your mind with fear of being a failure.

Is it possible to achieve success without failing? Failure is a part of the parcel. You have to face it and learn from it and try again. Just like the child who gave another try till he finally walked.


Fortunately for this millennial generation, there are a lot of initiatives taken from the government and established businesses to encourage and support aspiring youth to get into business.

We are just unaware of it! There are incubation centres, mentors who could guide you through the journey, pitching competitions, and many more.

Do you want us to create a blog on Opportunities for Startups? 

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Many of you might have read the famous poem “the road not taken” by Robert Frost. The poem describes choosing the road less travelled.

“Where there is a will, there is a way”. If you aspire to take charge and do something no one else did you can and you will do it.

The road might be less travelled, the way full of obstacles and challenges, but if you desire strongly it will drive you through it.

Because no one can stop a star from shining if it’s ready to burn for the cause. No one can stop you from being a successful entrepreneur if you dedicate enough time and efforts to the cause.

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