Why Indian Parents Never Told You to Get a Course in Cooking?

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Cooking- Why Indian Parents Never told you to get a course in cooking

India being a massive country in terms of population and potential has a variety of career options. Majorly students pursue academical courses related to Science.

Commerce has also experienced a boost in the no. of students enrolling on the sector.

Cooking- Why Indian Parents Never Told You to get a Course in Cooking

With a no. of career options in Arts too such as dancing, singing, painting, photography and many more.

We often listen joining a dance class, or a drawing class, or a singing class, but did anyone suggest you to join a cooking class?

It’s a quite rare scenario, isn’t it?

Indian parents might suggest you to join all the other courses except for a cooking course.

Cooking has been an underrated area of expertise so far. It has been a few years now, that the chefs can experience golden days of recognition.

Today we’ll be discussing the reasons why Indian parents never told you to get a course in cooking.  

Why Indian Parents Never Told You to Get a Course in Cooking?

Indian cuisine is extremely popular in the whole world. It has a variety of dishes. Do you know what makes Indian cuisine unique?

The use of spices.

In every Indian kitchen you will find a variety of spices that divines your taste buds.

Fact: The British and others such as Portugeese, Dutch, etc. came to Indian landmass in search of the Indian spices.

Indian spices have a glorious history and the whole world is fascinated by those.

Let us now discuss a few reasons why Indian parents never told you to get a course in cooking:

  • Cooking is an underrated career option.

You may visit our blog- Is Cooking a Reliable Career Option? To explore about the career opportunities in the field.

  • Most of the Gen X parents preferred their children to get in government sector.
  •  Even in Gen Y, parents wish their children to either get in government sector or the corporate world.
  • The society hasn’t yet opened up about cooking.
  • Cooking is still considered as a domestic chore rather than a career option.
  • Considered as a low dignified career option.
  • Unawareness about the opportunities in cooking.
  • Herd behaviour being common (not only in India but around the world) most of the students opt for courses like engineering, medical, bachelor in science, CA etc.

Is there any reason that you can add from your side?

Tell us in the comments below.

Lately cooking has been growing rapidly than ever before as a career option. Youths nowadays opt for cooking related courses such as hotel management, catering diploma, etc.

The awareness about the fulfilling lifestyle you get from the option has also increased, and everyday more and more people are fascinated by the career option.

Especially the Gen Z seems to be interested to explore a variety of unique career options.

Do you think that Cooking will be taken seriously by the present and future generations?

Tell us in the comments below.

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